Watershed Research Project Approved for the Baxter Creek Watershed Alliance (BCWA)

Photo Karen Graham.
Jackson Creek originates in the area known as the Cavan Bog which runs along the sides of Mount Pleasant Rd. It is one of the areas covered by the ORCA Floodplain mapping initiative.

The community non-profit group the Baxter Creek Watershed Alliance is excited to announce, that an in-kind research project proposal submitted to Fleming College has been accepted!

This month BCWA will be kicking off this community-based watershed mapping project through the Geomatics capstone project in the School of Environmental & Natural Resource Sciences at Fleming College.

With the help of two full-time students, the BCWA will embark on implementing the Baxter Creek Watershed Hub. This will be a multi-part project to assemble baseline data for a long-term integrated watershed study. This project will produce a thematic map series including maps such as the “Woodlands of Baxter Creek”, “Farmlands of Baxter Creek”, “Hydrology of the Watershed” and other useful community mapping tools and information resources.

This is the first step in a long-term watershed research strategy which is so vital to the well-being and sustainability of our residents and the watershed. This study will start by producing critical base data and watershed characterizations and then work on environmental monitoring plans, environmental best management practices, land use concepts, and proposing targets for the protection and restoration of natural heritage areas.  These are all building blocks in the subwatershed planning process! Visit the BCWA website over the next few months to monitor our progress!

BCWA invites ALL local community members to engage as citizen scientists in collecting data to support this research and future activities in this collaborative project.  Everyone is also welcome to join the Alliance or subscribe to our newsletter The Baxter.  One can read more about the Board members who have just been elected.  Go online for more information at… https://baxtercreekwatershed.org/

By Baxter Creek Watershed Alliance

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