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This year my family decided to get solar panels on our rooftop. 

It’s a good thing we made the decision because this year is the last year for the MicroFit program.  There are a limited number of contracts each year so if you were thinking of rooftop solar I would hurry.

The Millbrook Valley Trails Committee is excited to move ahead with building the new Urban Trail connection that will link the new subdivision south of Fallis Line with the Downtown.  The new trail extension is from Tupper St. to King St. (community mailboxes).  Township staff was able to secure $6,000 from the Canada 150 grant to help develop this project.  If you enjoy being outside, we encourage you to volunteer on our work day scheduled for Sat. May 6th from 9am-2pm at Medd’s Mountain.  The rain date is Sat. May 13th.

Despite the rain we have had, it still feels rather dry and dusty.  The street sweeping program has commenced and you will see this work being carried out over the next two weeks.

The Public Works department has an aggressive surface treatment program this year.

  • Hutchison Line
  • Morton Line
  • Sharpe Line
  • Carmel Cres.
  • King George St (County Rd 10 to Elizabeth St.)
  • Elizabeth St. (King George St. to Miller St.)
  • Miller St. (County Rd 10 to the West limit)
  • Mill St. (County Rd 10 to the West limit)
  • Blue Jay St. (County Rd 10 to Alexander Drive)
  • Alexander Drive (Blue Jay St to the North limit)
  • Plains Circle (Deer Ave to Plains Circle)
  • Syer Line (Highview Cres to 200m Westerly)
  • Larmer Line (County Rd 28 to 800m Westerly)

The County of Peterborough is undertaking a Road Safety Audit for the intersection at Mount Pleasant Road and County Road 10. If you would like information and opportunity to give feedback, drop by The Women’s Institute Hall (3432 County Rd. 10) between 5 to7pm on May2nd.

This June the model homes being built by Pristine and Bromont will be open to the public.

By Jordan Landry


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