Silver Creek Creations Joins the Millbrook Farmers’ Market

Get ready to grow with the help of Jane and Peter Martell of Silver Creek Creations, who are joining the other vendors at our local monthly market. They established a nursery business on their property on Hutchison Drive four years ago, when they felt the grounds were safe from errant… Continue reading

International Clematis Expert to Share his Expertise with Garden Club

Peter Keeping is clematis enthusiast and an internationally renowned expert on Clematis.   Along with his wife Sheila, Peter operates Peter and Sheila’s Country Garden in Bowmanville, Ontario. He was introduced to the species in 1982 when he received two plants for his birthday, and soon joined the International Clematis Society… Continue reading

Common Ground: Practical Gardening Tips from Jill Williams

©Deborah Carew I often get asked to recommend gardening books that are practical and useful for gardeners in this community. At the top of my personal heap of useful books are all the Harrowsmith gardening books, and many of them are available in the Millbrook Library. I would particularly recommend… Continue reading

Can You Tell the Difference Between Ragweed and Goldenrod?

Ann Berkeley One local landscape gardener admitted to the Times that he could not tell the difference between ragweed (bad) and Goldenrod (good.) He is not alone. Another gardening enthusiast, Wendy Olsen, of Millbrook says ignorance of the differences is greater the further away from the country that people live…. Continue reading