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Millbrook’s Track and Field

Hello Millbrook! Millbrook South Cavan Public School had their track and field day- a whole day of running, jumping and throwing! Track and field included many events like running [100m, 200m, 400m, 800m,1500m, 3000m] ,jumping (running long jump, triple jump) and there was also shot put. Millbrook South Cavan School had a fun day filled of their pre-selected events. Here in Millbrook if you are a strong runner and the result came to you being in the top two you will move on. Participants in the top two had the great experience to represent your school at TASS.

By Newspaper club Members Danika and Ava

Come On Already

At Millbrook South Cavan school ends on June 29th –WOW! This year has gone by so fast. We had a lot of fun activities for example, Cops for Cancer, all the spirit days that include days like; gum day, the photo booth, the free throw contest, Pedal power which is a new and very excited biking program, the Canada 150 drone photo and Yellow and Blue day.  Congratulations to the Grade 8’s for lasting so long in this wonderful school!

By Newspaper Club Member Ryan Pillman

Millbrook South Cavan School Talent Show

Hi community! We are happy to share that our Millbrook South Cavan School has had our second annual talent show. There was singing, dancing and lots more. Parents of children came to watch and they thought it was great. The kids where working very hard for the talent show. Mr. Schoeter and Mrs. Ray had a hard time picking students to show there amazing talents. Everyone thought it was fabulous. Alison Colby was one of the best students to show their talents. She sang and played the ukulele. Hope you liked our article.

 By Newspaper Club Members Allison and Sierra


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