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Camander Cat Goes Back To School

By Newspaper Club Member Jordan

I was sitting in my office, Mutt and I were having our weekly game of go fish when the phone rang.

“Hey cat, its chief.”

“Hey chief, what seems to be the problem this time?” I asked.

“We have intel that somebody is stealing all the technology at the MSC public school. We need you to go undercover as a teacher to get more evidence, and possibly catch the thief.”

“Alright chief, you can count on me!” I replied.

“And me too!” Mutt shouted.

“Ok Mega Mutt, I’ll go undercover as a teacher and I’ll wear a microphone. You need to wait outside in the cat copter and listen in for anything suspicious.”  “Copy that Camander.”

I dashed over from the office to my kitty kennel, once I got over there I saw a package sitting on my mat that said “From Chief.”  I opened the package and was surprised to see a collared shirt, a new cat belt that looked like a regular blue belt, and a tie. This must have been my teacher clothes. After I had a wardrobe change I made my way to the school with Mutt’s hearing device on my tie. I walked into the science room just in time to see the teacher that was retiring; Mr. Kribs.

“Hey Mr. Kribs, do you have any advice?” I asked him.

“Yea, here’s the seating chart, your first job, and you have all the intermediates for rotary.” Mr. Kribs said as he walked out the door. Seating chart? Intermediate? Rotary?! What did any of this mean? I took one look at the kids and started to get a little creeped out because they were all staring at me? Could children smell fear or something?

“Hi class, my name’s Mr. Kibbles and uh, I’m your new homeroom teacher.” I stammered. Mr. Kibbles-  what kind of a name is that?? I thought. Oh well, I guess it’s too late come up with a better one.

“Ok guys, uh my first job is to introduce you to your new classmate, Billy.” I read off the page. I was picking up some creepy vibes from this kid Billy, he was always was smiling, and he was dressed in all black. It was kind of creepy. We went through the day with our normal lessons, and when we went out for break I saw something weird. One of the kids, Cassandra, was wheeling a wagon down the hallway, she was grunting and whatever was under it was draped with a blanket.

“Stop right there Cassandra!” I shouted.

“Hi Mr. Kibbles, what’s up?”

“Don’t you play silly with me, Cassandra, what’s under the blanket?” I asked.

“My hamster, hammy.” She replied. She took the blanket off the crate, and I was surprised to see that there was indeed a hamster in the cage.

“Sorry about the trouble Cassandra, I thought you were stealing something” I said sheepishly. I felt pretty bad for excusing an innocent twelve year old of stealing. Later at lunch time, I had to break up my first fight, I was sitting in the principal’s office with the two students when I saw Billy lurking in the corridor with something under his hoodie.

“Stop in the name of law!” I screamed, he halted in his tracks and took one look at me and bolted. “Get back here thief. I followed him out the school building, past the basketball court and to the swings. At this point Billy had started to slow down and I finally caught up to him. “Billy take of your sweater.” I ordered. Under his sweater was three iPads strapped to his shirt. “Billy, I’m calling the police.”

A few minutes later the police showed up. Turns out Billy was wanted all over the country and had a former criminal record. The reward for finding him was $5000 which I used for the much needed repairs on the cat car! And that my friends, is the story of the time that I went back to school.

Cops for Cancer Coming to Millbrook South Cavan

By Newspaper Club Member Meghan

May 11 is the day that Cops for Cancer comes to Millbrook South Cavan. If you don’t know what Cops for Cancer is; it is where some off duty police officers cycle to Millbrook and hold an assembly to raise awareness about pediatric cancer. They usually tell a story or two about a child with cancer that they have met, and there is a section where children shave their heads in solidarity to those with cancer. Also, the class that raises the most money wins a pizza party.  For every $20 raised, the student’s name will be entered in a draw to win one of three prizes such as a $50 iTunes card, a $25 dollar Chapter’s gift card or a Samsung tablet.  As well, there are students who have grown their hair long so it can be cut and donated to make wigs. All of the children shaving their heads and cutting their hair have fundraised, but there are other opportunities for children not participating to raise money.  A coin drive will take place from April 23rd to April 27th, starting with dime day and ending with Toonie day, and there will be spirit days from May 7 to May 1 and a dance on the 3rd of May.


By Newspaper Club Member Kelsie

As the 2017/18 school year comes to a rushing close, all students are excited for the up and coming summer. Although, for the graduating class, these 2 months are essential to preparation for the last and final night all teachers and students will be together. GRADUATION! Graduation is an exciting time of year, as all grade 8 students dress their best and make the most of an unforgettable night.

To prepare for this special event, many preparations have to be done. For example, prior to getting their diplomas, the graduating class will take an exciting and fun filled trip to Niagara Falls. In support of this event, each student had the opportunity of selling Kernels popcorn and pizza kits, complementary of Little Caesars, to help pay the expense of their exciting and unforgettable grad trip. Last but not least, all students through grades kindergarten through eight had the choice of supporting. Kernels popcorn was sold on two dates, one before March break and one shortly after. Many students have been at MSC for 10 years, during which time they had many opportunities at the school. Memories I experienced are, in kindergarten you have the opportunity to make friends, grade 4, the chance to take part in more extracurricular activities, grade 6, the chance to join band and me-to-we, and in grade 7 and 8 the opportunity to be a leader in Me-to We. So, whether you were the president in me-to-we, a sport member, someone who sat back and learned their whole way, all grade 8’s will take what they learned and carry that with them through their next steps.

In conclusion, as graduates prepare to dress their best, whether that includes wearing a dress or a tux as many may choose, they will always have a significant part to the family feeling Millbrook South Cavan Public School has always had.

The Avocado Series Part 3 – The End

By Newspaper Club Members Cassidy and Laura

“We need a plan” said avocado Steve, as they gathered around their big oak table in the hollow. They were all stuck as to what to do for the only resource they had was leaves and 40 km of rope made from the tree roots of the evergreens.

“We should kidnap them.”

“No, we should poison them.”

“NO we should steal all of their money and buy fruit juice.”

“EVERYBODY STOP!” yelled Avocado edger. “I think I have come up with a master plan!”

The avocados gathered around as Edger shared his plan of happiness, triumph, kindness, and victory. The plan went as follows: the hunters are located in the center of the small tree field near the town hall.  The avocados would make a large circle surrounding the outskirts of their camp, each holding a part of the 40 km long rope. Slowly, they would tighten the rope until the hunters were tied up, snug as a raspberry pie on Thursdays. After the hunters were transported to a secret location (aka the hollow), the avocados would talk some sense into those nasty, stinky hunters.

Now all the avocados had to do was execute this master of a plan.

4 HOURS LATER. The avocados had mastered the physical component of the routine, but were having trouble persuading the hunters to be kind to them. “Come on, please just give us a chance” pleaded the avocados.

“No, you are yummy” exclaimed the biggest of the hunters. “We know we make a heck of a great guacamole, but we have lives to live.”

Then the avocados broke out into a song and dance routine that showcased their hopes, dreams, struggles and goals in life. By the end, the hunters were crying. “We’re so sorry” they said “from now on, we will stay away from all food, so they can live a happy and healthy life. Except for the Twinkie. He owes us.”

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