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Winter Carnival

By Newspaper club member Sierra

On March 7th, Millbrook South Cavan Public School held its annual winter carnival for grades four and five and some grade three students. Most of the grade five students were station managers and captains with the grade fours helping out. The activities were amazing. There were six different stations and we stayed at each station for fifteen minutes.

Camp Kawartha

By Newspaper club member Allison

I am writing to tell you that our school this year went to Camp Kawartha. Grade five and grade sixes were invited to sleep over for one night. Our dates were 22 and 23 of March. We were provided 4 meals- Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast and lunch.  We played activities such as survival, rock climbing and low ropes. Just because we are on a trip does not mean we will not do a chore or two. In the end camp Kawartha was a spectacular place and very enjoyable.

The Avocado Series Part 2

By Newspaper club members Cassidy, Laura and Kelsie

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. The faces on the fellow avocados turned paler than a milkshake on Sunday. There was one question going through all of their minds. Who could it be?

“Help, help!” they heard coming from out of their hollow.

“Why, it’s Professor Twinkie!” Avocado 3 rushed to open the door. If you have never seen an exhausted Twinkie before, you should’ve been there to witness the Professor stumble through the opening, his face stained with shock.

“What’s wrong?” cried Avocado Steve. Suddenly, Professor Twinkie’s face darkened with fear.

“They’re back” he muttered, “and they are coming for the ones who escaped their grasp last time.”

Beyond the Hurt Presentation – Pink Shirt Day at Millbrook South Cavan School

By Newspaper club members Meghan and Jordan, Grade 7

Did you know that February 28th was Pink Shirt Day?  This is a tradition that started in 2007 in Nova Scotia when a boy wore a pink shirt to school and was picked on.  Now it has spread all over the world and Pink Shirt Day is celebrated throughout schools. This year at Millbrook South Cavan we also had youth facilitators trained by the Red Cross coming into classes and starting conversations about anti-bullying.  They talked about community standards, healthy peer relationships and what the bully, the victim and the bystander might look like and feel in the school. At the end of the presentation, every student was asked to make a pledge to do something that will stop bullying in the school and by the end of the day the entire hall was covered in pledges. The hope is that the pledges on the lockers will make everyone remember their pledges as soon as they get to school.  In conclusion, Pink Shirt Day at Millbrook was a huge success.

Who is excited for March Break? I am!!!

By Newspaper club member Ryan

Every kid dreams of March 12 to March 16. When you’re a kid, you want to get away from school, but lucky for you the Ontario government lets you have a whole week of school off, so you can hang out with your friends and play as much video games as you can, like Fortnite, NHL 18, NBA 18, or any game you have or like to play. Or you can go on a road trip with your family or just hang out at home, but either way every kid is happy. After some FUN we can’t wait until it’s time to come back to school.


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