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Storytime 2.0 has three weeks of programming under its belt! The feedback has been constructive and positive. This more inclusive programming structure supports infants and children attending Storytime. We haven’t done away with the actual story reading and sing-a-longs, and still plan to do crafts at popular times of the year, but the play based learning compliments our library program well. Parents and children are happy with the switch.

Other programming projects are also underway! The library is excited to support Valerie Kent and her 1st Annual Outdoor Painting Festival on October 1st, 2016. We will be providing workshops for children throughout the day in support of Culture Days. Erica Hernandez with Music for Young Children is back mid-October to share her knowledge and enthusiasm through music and movement! The Cavan Monaghan Libraries is hosting our Annual Halloween party at the end of the month, with play centers, crafts, and face painting available for all who attend! Please check the Cavan Monaghan Libraries “Events Calendar” for times and information on each event.

An online “Teen Book Club” is also to be launched this fall, hosted by Megan Boothby and Lindsay Molloy.

With all the excitement happening in our Libraries, it is time to gather more feedback from our community. The Cavan Monaghan Libraries will be conducting a survey, available online and at each Branch asking the public for their input on programming and Library activities. This survey will be available starting September 30, 2016.

By Lindsay Molloy

Coordinator of Outreach Programming and Partnerships, Cavan Monaghan Libraries


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