New Diner to Open Next Month

For years, these two Millbrook couples have shared meals together, experimenting with new recipes.  There was usually a theme for the meal, which could feature a special burger, something from the smoker or a new spice combination.  The men are the foodies in the group, and enjoy the friendly competition to see whose creation hits the spot.

While sharing their culinary creations, the neighbours also shared a dream of opening a restaurant where their dishes could be enjoyed by a broader audience.  When they learned that the site of Clarke’s Café beside the gas station was coming available, they decided it was time to jump in.  The ideal location and established clientele of the café made this a promising opportunity to test their hand at running their own restaurant.  As the new restaurant operators focus on interior renovations to put their mark on the venue, would-be customers have been asking when they can expect to drop in for a meal.

All four soon-to-be restaurant owners have day jobs.  Matt Howard owns and operates Matt’s Automotive which is located in an adjoining facility.  His partner Carrie Doorenspleet works at Millbrook Dental.  Josh Watson is a contractor and his wife Yolanda runs a cleaning business.  Despite these commitments, they plan to operate their new diner they are calling The Mill, seven days a week, and will offer breakfast and lunch menus from 7 am to 3pm each day.

The menu will offer traditional diner fare while the new owners get a handle on the tastes of its customers.  They hope to introduce new dishes to expand the offerings and see which ones appeal to the local palate.

The restaurant is currently undergoing some renovations, but the foursome expects the doors to open on December 1st. KG

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