Millbrook & Cavan Historical Society Launches Reprint of Historic Local Booklet


Millphoto-corner office

The local Historical Society is reprinting the 1937 booklet entitled “A Brief History of Cavan Township and Millbrook Village from 1816 to 1937”, written by Mary Sloane Eakins. The author is the great-granddaughter of John Deyell, one of the township’s first settlers and is credited with the development of the first grist mill in the township located near the current setting of Needler’s Mill. The book examines the development of the area, and will be available at the group’s October 27th meeting, where historian George Parker will discuss Deyell’s role in the first surveys of the area and in selecting the names Cavan and Monaghan for the local area. The reprinting project is made possible thanks to the generous support of the Kiani Foundation and Galerie Q of Cavan.

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