Local School are Last Stop on Cops for Cancer Cycling Tour


Photo Karen Graham

The Cops for Cancer events arrived at the local schools on May 12th, bringing their usual combination of entertainment and education to North Cavan and Millbrook South Cavan public schools. Launched in 2005, the Peterborough Chapter of the Cops for Cancer began their cycling team, which now travels 1,000 km throughout the region visiting 46 schools and delivering a message about kids living with cancer and raising funds to support Pediatric Cancer Research. Together with school children, their efforts have raised more than $4 million dollars for pediatric cancer research directed to the development of an app that will allow immediate communication between patients and their doctors conveying current patient symptoms and physician responses.

Twenty five Millbrook South Cavan students took the stage to have their heads shaved, and one young lady had a pony tail removed to be used in making wigs for cancer patients. Together these students and sponsors raised more than $12,000, beating last year’s figure by almost $700. One of the most touching moments came when Makayla Nichols took the stage to shave her friend Wyatt’s head. In 2014, the pair was on stage for a different reason: Makayla was having her head shaved in support of her friend Wyatt who was undergoing cancer treatment at Sick Kids hospital. Now in remission, he was eager make a contribution to the cause.

Last on the tour but not least, North Cavan School was ready for the cycling team. Eight student volunteers submitted to a ceremonial head shave and two donated their pony tails. Together the school raised $3,898.45 for the cause. Congratulations to all involved. KG

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