What are they thinking? – Comment – May 2022

This weekend we saw the community come together in several ways to celebrate the arrival of spring and the opportunity to join together for some fun. 

Walking through the streets of the village this weekend, it was hard not to appreciate how lucky we are to live here.  Underneath this sentiment is a feeling of guilt thinking about the future that others are facing, as we see the situation in Ukraine deteriorating and expanding its impact on more innocent nations as the world’s food supply is threatened.  And then we see a new protest in our nation’s capital.  Despite the pretense of honouring veterans, many participants expressed anti-mask and anti-vaccine rhetoric, suggesting government action was about control.  Instead of yelling through megaphones, they should kiss the ground.

In a Freedom Fighters rally on parliament Hill, demonstrator Chris Sky said “There is no science.  Science is an illusion.” It has made me decide to order some tee shirts from the mock conspiracy theory group called Birds Aren’t Real.  I think there’s a market for this clothing at these “freedom rallies.” KG

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