Wish Health And Happiness to Others, And Have it Yourself This Holiday Season

Sarah Sobanski With seasons greetings come seasonal waistlines, and while Christmas calorie counting isn’t something we want to think about until resolution-time, nutrition shouldn’t go out the window for that second helping of Grandma’s famous triple-chocolate cake. Whether you’re skipping meals to fit into your holiday dress wear, or poking… Continue reading

Vibrant Young Clinic Serves Up Beautiful Smiles and Good Oral Health

Karen Graham It has been three years now since Dr. Ken Lee took over the local dental practise from Dr. David Neale who served the community for many years. As a university student, Dr. Lee knew his interest lay in the sciences, and considered medicine, ophthalmology and dentistry. As a… Continue reading

A Store for Kids of All Ages- Driveonics Comes to Millbrook

Karen Graham Since the paper came off the windows of the new electronics store on King Street, the fingerprints have been collecting as youngsters peer in to check out the merchandise. It’s like nothing the town has ever seen before, and that makes owners Justin Ward and Nichole Nydan very… Continue reading

New Retail Business in Cavan: Sisters’ Fine Gifts

Karen Graham When Nicole Scott came into Bridget Anastasia’s with her mother in mid-October, owner Catherine Moore was in the back room sorting through the newly arrived Christmas merchandise, planning her seasonal displays. Two weeks later, she was retired and the displays and all her other responsibilities had been handed… Continue reading

Country Spa Offers Private and Personal Experiences

Sarah Sobanski Walking into Lotus Spa and Esthetics is as comfortable as stepping downstairs in your own home. It’s an atmosphere owner and esthetician Terri Carmichael has cultivated intentionally, rating client comfort as her number one business objective followed closely by providing the best products and services. It all started… Continue reading

Buy Local- Shealand Farms Produces Lamb and Pork for Local Consumption

Karen Graham Adam and Marie Shea both had other plans. Marie graduated from Trent University as a Registered Nurse, while Adam completed a degree in Political Science and History, so they were headed for an urban lifestyle. In the end, they could not resist the call of the land, and… Continue reading

Your Pharmacist Team- an Integral Component of our Health Care System

Karen Graham While many of us remember David Tong as our local pharmacist, these days you are more likely to find Pharmacist Steve Suszko behind the counter at the Millbrook IDA location. You may even find Suszko behind other counters in Peterborough on weekends when the Millbrook location is closed-… Continue reading

Walton Wood Farm’s Success Inspires Business Owners and Entrepreneurs around Peterborough

Melodie Seto On Tuesday, Sept. 15, the popular Peterborough entrepreneurial social event, E-Connect, featured two successful business women as guest speakers for the evening, one of which created her business from home on a farm in Bailieboro. Leslie Scott, founder of Walton Wood Farm with her husband Peter, shared her… Continue reading