School Council Volunteers Improve the Learning Experience for all Students

As the school year ends, families might be looking for ways to thank the educators who work with their children during the year but beyond the classroom is another group of volunteers that contribute to the entire school family behind the scenes: members of the School Council. All public schools… Continue reading

Irish Stewardship Concept Adopted by Millbrook Farm

In 2021, Burrenbeo Trust of Ireland launched The Hare’s Corner Project – an initiative to help farmers and landowners make more space for nature. he term comes from an old farming expression describing an unused corner of a field or a piece of rough ground that is left to nature,… Continue reading

The Conclusion of our Seniors Community Grant and Welcome to Summer!

Before jumping into the family programming that we will be offering this summer, I would like  to thank everyone who participated in our Seniors Community Grant. We have had an overwhelming amount of support from our patrons and community members which has allowed us to put together our final book:… Continue reading

Blocks and Blooms Shines a Spotlight on our Beautiful Community

Blocks and Blooms provided a welcome excuse to wander through the community and explore its beauty. It was a really feel-good day for everyone; the visitors, the hosts, downtown businesses, and the whole community, featuring an air of hospitality and celebration.  The weather was perfect and based on the smiles,… Continue reading

“You Are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made” 

Everywhere I turn lately, I have been met with the thought “You are fearfully and wonderfully made.” – at choir practice, in my devotions, the birds, my flowers, a small family gathering. What a great message to hear over and over. This past week I spent a few hours gardening…. Continue reading

Newlyweds at Centennial Place

Pictured is Brian Best, aged 90 with his new wife Mary Fabiano, age 96. This happy couple were married in a small family ceremony at Centennial Place last December. They met in the home and have become inseparable. Mary’s enthusiasm is obvious and she says her recent marriage shows that… Continue reading

Artistic Pathways Offers Opportunities to Develop Employment Skills

This season a new market opened in Springville. This one has a variety of vendors, music and food but the focus is rather unique, as the name implies.  Artistic Pathways was created as a program to support neurodivergent individuals by providing a place where they could sell their artistic creations… Continue reading

Otonabee Conservation Authority Issues Watershed Report Card

Otonabee Conservation was established in 1959 and is one of 36 members of Conservation Ontario charged with protecting, restoring, and managing the natural resources within the Otonabee Region watershed on behalf of its eight-member municipalities.  Conservation Authorities boundaries align with local watersheds, in recognition that land and water resources are… Continue reading