Township Adds to its Fleet


Council awards the contract for the purchase of a 2017 Single Axle Truck

The replacement of Pumper One in the Fire Department fleet is scheduled for this year as the current vehicle is at the end of its life cycle based on the Fire Underwriters Survey and the expense forms part of the 2017 Capital Budget. Before issuing a tender for a new Pumper, Cavan Monaghan Fire Chief Bill Balfour sought out other fire departments in the County that were in the market for a similar vehicle. Finding that Township of Otonabee-South Monaghan was in the same position, they joined forces and submitted a joint tender for two trucks, which allowed them both to realize cost savings on this significant purchased.

After an evaluation of the three submitted bids, Council approved the staff recommendation to proceed with the purchase of a replacement pumper truck from Fort Garry Fire Trucks Ltd, which comes with a purchase price of $311,087 plus HST an amount slightly below the budgeted cost. The remaining budget allocation for this item will be directed to outfitting the truck with the required equipment before it is put into action.

After receiving a single bid for the purchase of a single axle truck in the Public Works fleet, Council awarded the contract for the purchase of a 2017 Single Axle Truck to Winslow Gerolamy Motors, Peterborough, Ontario. The new vehicle is a budgeted purchase to replace an existing 2008 Ford truck and will cost $204,821.00 plus HST. KG

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