Millbrook Valley Trails Welcomes Mountain Bikers at Enduro Race

On Sunday, approximately 130 mountain bike riders arrived at the Millbrook Fairgrounds for another Ganny Enduro race.  Riders were treated to beautiful conditions for this event which travelled through the Millbrook Valley Trails.  The race consisted of two segments, with the morning ride slightly shorter than the afternoon trip.  In… Continue reading

A New Style of Mountain Bike Race Comes to Millbrook

After months of planning, the first ever Ganny Enduro mountain bike race was held in Millbrook last month. According to the race organizers, Alex Schmidt and Alex Lefebvre, the goal of the Ganny Enduro was to provide an accessible enduro stage race experience with a west coast vibe for mountain… Continue reading

New Mountain Bike Club Forms in Millbrook

Last month, a new club was formed in Millbrook. Founded by Brad Cathrae, John Frizzle, and David D’Agostino, Millbrook MTB was born. The club is set up as a not-for-profit corporation and backed by a $5M group insurance policy with the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA). Its goals are to… Continue reading

Keep It Beautiful

A short walk on the popular Medd’s Mountain loop, next to the millpond, reveals graffiti on trees, toilet paper just steps off the trail, and the ever-present discarded dog poo bags. The forest floor appears trampled in some areas as inquisitive wanderers repeatedly head off-trail to explore the same curious… Continue reading

Clipless Versus Flat Pedals

For most mountain bikers, our two-wheeled lives begin on flat pedals. Usually, whichever set happened to come on our first bike and likely accompanied by a pair of runners from the closet. But, as life on two wheels progresses and bikes get upgraded, pedals become a thing that you’re forced… Continue reading

Cycling Through the Pandemic

COVID-19 caught everyone in the cycling industry off-guard. Shutdowns, lockdowns, and physical distancing left many people without their normal outlets for recreation and physical activity. Parents scrambled to find activities to do with their suddenly homebound children. In cities, fears of surface contact and cramped buses, subways, and trains left… Continue reading

Meet the Peterborough Trailbuilders Association

Born of necessity, the Peterborough Trailbuilders Association (PTA) came to be during a time when the future of mountain biking at one of Peterborough’s most popular mountain biking trail networks was in question. Harold Town Conservation Area has been a popular mountain biking destination for several years now. However, in… Continue reading