Council Approves Back up Plan to Preserve Mill

Karen Graham Despite media reports to the contrary, at the last Council Meeting our municipal representatives took a step to protect the grist mill building, not destroy it.  A letter from ORCA CAO Dan Marinigh had been received that day, seeking financial support for a last ditch effort to avoid… Continue reading

The Key to 4th Line Theatre’s Continued Success? Stick with the Plan!

Karen Graham For the past 24 years, Robert Winslow has had a plan, and boy, is it working!  Never interested in performing off-the shelf summer theatre productions, since the 4th Line Theatre`s inception its creator has used it as a vehicle to educate and entertain, by developing and presenting original… Continue reading

Local ‘Escape Maze’ is a Must Try

Sarah Sobanski Escape Maze isn’t a traditional maze you have to escape – it’s even better. Frequent travelers with a bone for entertaining, the Preddy family had the idea for Escape Maze while co-creator Jaclyn Preddy was touring Holland and found a similar attraction. Upon returning home, Preddy and her… Continue reading