Public Works Operations Seeks Green Light for New Buildings in Both Locations

In early December, the Director of Public Works presented a plan for the renovation and expansion of the Public Works Operations Centre – aka the “public works yard”. The review had been approved in September 2019 when authorization was granted to hire a design and engineering firm, Greenview Environmental Management,… Continue reading

Master Fire Plan Outlines Recommendations for the Next Decade

Last month, Fire Chief Bill Balfour presented a Master Fire Plan that was initiated to ensure the Fire Department was prepared to deliver fire protection to residents throughout the township today and for years to come.  The Master Fire Plan was prepared by Emergency Management and Training, and provides a… Continue reading

Tough Decisions Ahead for Budget 2021

The first draft budget outlined in Director of Finance Kimberley Pope’s December presentation was unique in several ways.  First, the Operations Budget showed just a 0.1% increase over that of 2020, which is good news. Last year that section showed an increase of 15.9% over the previous year. Second, because… Continue reading

Letter to the Editor – January 2021

My husband and I came here so we could raise our family in the country.  We are from Scarborough, Ontario. Alas it was only a matter of time before the city followed us here.  Although they call it progress, some things are better not touched. I’ve been reading a lot… Continue reading

Local Policing Task Force Looks at the Future of Policing in the Township

Late last fall, the Township of Cavan-Monaghan established a Task Force on Policing to seek input from residents and businesses in order to formulate recommendations to Council on future policing in the community.  The objective is to develop a clear understanding of the current state of policing in the township… Continue reading

Some Traditions Weather the COVID Storm

The family-owned and operated Dawson Tree Farm on Zion Line opened for the season last weekend with as many as 100 happy customers taking home trees to decorate.   Apparently they should expect a good season, as reports indicate consumers are choosing real trees rather than artificial ones this year. Pictured… Continue reading

A Glimpse into Towerhill 2.0

After years in the works, a revised plan of subdivision application for Phase 2 of the Towerhill Subdivision was published last week, providing a look at the developer’s vision for the next phase of the Highlands of Millbrook, in planning documents referred to as Towerhill North. The proposal is now… Continue reading

Proposed Changes to the Conservation Authorities Act

  The reactions on both sides of the proposed changes to Ontario’s conservation legislation are loud and impassioned.  Environmental groups claim the revisions remove or severely restrict the Conservation Authorities’ role in regulating development, permit and planning application appeal process and appealing municipal planning applications.  Some sources equate it to… Continue reading

Local Quilt Donations Headed to Kawartha Children’s Aid and Millbrook Community Care

Although they have not met in 8 months, the Millbrook Needlers’ Quilt Guild members are still sewing for charity.  Here is a photo of some of their creations prior to their donation to the Kawartha Children’s Aid Society on November 23rd.  Ten more quilts were donated by a customer of… Continue reading