Original Golden Wheel Owners Return to Springville

Susan Tung is eager to work with her parents, Mei and Patrick, as they bring back their popular restaurant and re-establish their venue as a place for live local music.

Photo Karen Graham – Susan Tung is eager to work with her parents, Mei and Patrick, as they bring back their popular restaurant and re-establish their venue as a place for live local music.

Mei Tung and husband Patrick ran a popular Chinese Restaurant in Springville for many years, providing dine in and take out options to a regular clientele.

In 2014 the couple sold the business and relocated to Toronto, planning to have a more tranquil life. Besides, their daughter Susan had graduated from Crestwood Secondary school and was studying at the University of Toronto, so they would see her more frequently. However, this energetic couple discovered that they were not quite ready for a peaceful retirement.

It must have taken some courage to initiate a conversation with her parents about a change in career aspirations when your decision is to move away from a career in medicine in order to run a bar. In her last year of undergraduate studies and having taken the entrance exams for med school, Susan Tung told her parents she had a change of heart. Susan had taken a part time job in a bar, beginning with serving, moving on to bartending and eventually moving into management. This spring she was the manager at the iconic Brunswick House, a popular bar in the Annex area of Toronto that had operated in its same location since 1876 when it finally closed its doors. In its more recent years, this bar had become popular with university students but its reputation was marred with violence, leaving Susan no stranger to bar fights and brawls. She knew she wanted a larger role in business and opened a bar with a partner, but after disagreements about the future, Tung decided to come home and do things her way.

A few weeks ago, the family re-opened the Golden Wheel, with Mei Tung back in the kitchen, Patrick sprucing up the building and Susan assuming the reins as Restaurant Manager. She has many plans for the restaurant; many involve re-establishing the back room as a venue for public events featuring live local music and private events. Behind the curtain dividing the restaurant from the back room lies a complete bar, a stage for entertainment, a pool table and many tables and chairs. Many years ago, this room housed a country bar called Honky Tonk. Susan envisions this area becoming a meeting place for locals seeking a casual place to meet friends, support local musicians and enjoy a meal, and provide a social spot for a 35+ year old clientele that is less rambunctious than her former college customers. After giving the area a make-over, she expects to begin hosting the occasional event to test the market for her ideas.

In the meantime, the family is delighted to be reunited with the common goal of making this family business work for them and for the community. Welcome back, and we look forward to seeing your plans unfold. KG

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4 Responses to Original Golden Wheel Owners Return to Springville

  1. Robin Barnes says:

    What great news!!!
    Please put the menu back to how it was circa 2013, best wonton soup ever also the chicken balls and egg rolls rocked.

  2. Maggie Van Sickle says:

    I have eaten here in the past and the food was excellent. Hot and tasty and plenty of it.

  3. Shari Pearce says:

    Great food. Susan is doing a great job with the chances.

  4. Heather Scott says:

    Loved going there….

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