Be Ready for Your ‘Close-Up’ this Ladies’ Night


Sarah Sobanski

Cavan-Monaghan’s Kristine Hannah will help you capture a moment with local firefighters and officers tonight (Aug. 6) at Ladies’ Night.

Kristine Hannah smiles from her local story. Photo: Kristine Hannah, Boudoir and Photography.

Kristine Hannah smiles from her local story. Photo: Kristine Hannah, Boudoir and Photography.

Last years attendees may recognize her from her representation in the Millbrook and District Chamber of Commerce booth as their Vice President, but this time around Hannah, also of Kristine Hannah Boudoir and Photography, is returning to Ladies’ Night with a new spin. Calling it a last ‘hurrah’ for officers of the Ontario Provincial Police who will be succeeded by Peterborough’s police force later this year for our area, Hannah will snap smiles with officers and firefighters in full uniform for a donation to the Old Millbrook School Family Centre.

Customer Laura looks and feels beautiful under Kristine Hannah's careful eye. Photo: Kristine Hannah, Boudoir and Photography.

Customer Laura looks and feels beautiful under Kristine Hannah’s careful eye. Photo: Kristine Hannah, Boudoir and Photography.

“I’ll have my photos on display and then the rest of the tent will be geared to the photo shoots,” says Hannah. She’ll have a donation jar at her booth where attendees can donate within their means, as much or as little as they want. All of the photos will be uploaded on to an online gallery for participants to download their photos from later. “It’ll be fun to have local faces involved in Ladies’ Night and to have some fun in the community.”

Hannah is an active member of the community with a passion for photography that she dedicates to helping women of all shapes and sizes realize their true beauty, inside and out. Along with local makeup artist Marie Stevens, Hannah creates stunning images encouraging woman to bare it all in Boudoir – she calls it ‘baring your beautiful’.

It all started when a friend asked her to do a shoot of her and her husband. Never one to back down from a challenge, and open to new things, Hannah researched boudoir and was inspired by her friend’s reactions to her print ups.

“It wasn’t like a family shoot when the kids don’t want to be there and have their photo taken,” says Hannah. “It was different, and then seeing her see her photos, it was an enlightening moment for me, because she saw how beautiful she was.”

Hannah also had an experience with her mother, before she passed away, that deepened her love for the art of photography as a whole.  Always one to look her best in front of the camera, Hannah’s mother was very proper when it came to having her photo taken, and because of this, there weren’t very many photos around the house. When her mother began battling cancer she became even more strict.

“My parents don’t have a whole lot of picture of me,” says Hannah – it just wasn’t a regular thing to take photos in her household. But near the end of her battle, Hannah’s mother decided to try to capture as many moments with her family and grandchildren as she could before she passed away.

“She let me do her makeup and her hair, and then she actually smiled which was huge for her,” says Hannah.  Since then, Hannah has been dedicated to capturing moments and memories on film. It’s the drive behind her photography. “No matter what you look like, you’re worthy of being in front of the camera.”

Hannah is also working on a project called Love Your Body – an initiative that strives to photograph woman in their natural beauty, without makeup. She says it can be hard for women to grow up in a society that tells them they have to be a certain way and she wants to be a part of the movement that changes that mentality.

“I hope that women get a better appreciation of what they are inside and out, to see the beauty that they are away from society. We’re all thin and beautiful in our own way.”

For more information on Hannah’s photography, or to book an appointment, visit

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  1. Karen says:

    Kristine Hannah is the best photographer in the area! She makes her clients feel comfortable, and the pictures are amazing! I would recommend her anytime!

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