Ptbo County-City Paramedics Establish West End Base

  The County has secured a Lease Agreement for the premises located at 1003 Clonsilla Avenue to establish the Peterborough County-City Paramedics – West End Base effective September 1st. During their recent 10 Year Resources and Facilities Master Plan, Peterborough County-City Paramedics identified the west end of the city of… Continue reading

King St. Merchants Find Cooperation and Collaboration is Key to Success

Kate Deklerck is tired of answering questions about how she feels about the opening of Kawartha Quilting Systems (KQS) just down the street from her store, The Quilter’s Bolt. For the record, she is thrilled! The fact is, these stores are complementary, not competitive. Quilters need fabric from Deklerck’s shop… Continue reading

Letter to the Editor re “More Awareness is Still Needed”

See I hope Deborah Carew sent her letter to Trent University to be published in their newsletter. Chances are this student doesn’t read newspapers, but may read the University’s newspaper in case his own self-importance is noted somewhere. It’s unfortunate that he doesn’t realize these diseases can strike any… Continue reading

Letter to the Editor – New Fire Hall

The proposal for the new fire hall at $5 million to me as a lifelong resident and 34-year veteran (retired) of the Fire Department seems to me a little excessive. (Considering the proposed location, free land). Demolition of the existing gym would also eliminate the accommodation of large crowds at council… Continue reading

Letter to the Editor – Retired Women Teachers of Ont

  On behalf of the Peterborough Branch of the Retired Women Teachers of Ontario (RWTO/OERO), I would like to thank Bonnie at ‘Bear Essentials’, the BIA and all of Millbrook for the incredible opportunity to have a booth at your annual Ladies’ Night. We were pleased to introduce the milk… Continue reading

Letter to the Editor – Millbrook BIA Ladies’ Night

  I have to say if you missed Millbrook BIA Ladies’ Night August 4, 2016 in beautiful downtown Millbrook, you missed the best Ladies’ Night ever. Bonnie McQuarrie, of Bethany Hills Interiors and Bear Essentials, as part of the Ladies Night Committee, most years chairing this committee, has proven to… Continue reading

Letter to the Editor from Laurie Scott, MPP

Ontario officially has the highest residential electricity prices in North America, thanks to the Wynne government’s choices. The impact of these skyrocketing rates has been disastrous to Ontarians. We’ve all heard stories of families being forced to choose between eating and heating. We all know someone who lives paycheque-to-paycheque, where… Continue reading