The Community piles on for Food Share

Food Share Chair David Brackenridge is no longer surprised by the depth and breadth of support from our generous community when it comes to reaching out to those in need.  Donations to our local food bank come from all generations and community groups, and some of the most eager participants are local schoolchildren.  At Millbrook South Cavan Public School, their Me to We club use Hallowe’en as an opportunity to encourage classmates to collect donations for others as well as treats for themselves.

Over the next two months, Food Share volunteers will be busy with the annual task of building up their stores for the Christmas season when they will package approximately 80 Christmas Hampers.  These customized boxes of goodies are prepared for registered recipients based on the size and composition of their family, with a value ranging from $150 to $200.  They include non-perishable food items, a grocery voucher from Foodland and $25 vouchers for each child in the family from Walmart.  These vouchers allow the recipients to purchase particular items to make their own holiday special.

Brackenridge’s biggest concern for the Christmas Hampers is getting them into the hands of those in need.  There is reluctance on the part of some to ask for help, and he encourages anyone who could benefit from this program to contact them at 932-7066 to register.   Hampers are picked up are picked up on December 19th between 2 and 5 pm at the Food Share location in the Old Millbrook School.

Brackenridge is pleased to report that donations to this local charity go very far, thanks in part to the generosity of the Township who provide the location for their operation rent free.  As a result, the only operational expense they incur is for liability insurance.  The organization is staffed by a loyal group of volunteers who are on hand three Tuesdays a month when their registered clients drop in for supplies.

While it may feel good to purchase supplies yourself, cash donations are much appreciated at this time of year, and is used to purchase vouchers and fill gaps in supplies.

The organization is grateful for the ongoing support of local churches, service clubs including Community Care, the Lions and the Legion, the township and individuals including Bill Vanderplum, Grace Glass, Leni Rautiainen and Joanne Roland who have kept the community garden going, despite discouraging vandalism recently.  The efforts of volunteer gardeners have contributed an ongoing supply of fresh, local produce over the season.  Several local farms have also provided ongoing support with donations of fruit and vegetables. KG

On November 28th, the organization will host another helpful event called Meet Your Needs Day where free, gently used adult and children sized coats will be available for local residents between 3pm and 6 pm.  For more information about this event, contact Susan at 705-932-3067.

To make a donation, call Food Share at 705-932-7066 or Dave Brackenridge at 705-932-2868. 

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