Zucchini Festival Boat Decorating Contest

Photo Karen Graham. Spread out before them is an array of ingredients opening the door to a wide range of creative possibilities for these young participants in last months’ Zucchini Festival’s Boat Decorating Contest.

These young artists are focused on creating masterpieces, thanks to a handful of volunteers who used their own creativity to build a popular community event celebrating an underappreciated vegetable.  There are plenty of opportunities for young and old to show their stuff in this township, whether it means swirling around on the ice, making plays on the ice or on a stage through a local theatre group, dancing up a storm with a dance club, baking meat pies or creating a vegetable garden to put produce on shelves in the Foodshare.  This community works together to create a rich and diverse home where all talents are welcomed and celebrated.  Let’s continue this tradition with compassion and respect. It’s an achievement worth celebrating.  Happy Thanksgiving, KG

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