Young Entrepreneurs Celebrate Significant Milestone


Photo Karen Graham.
Young entrepreneurs Cody and Kelsie Armstrong take a moment at their family farm west of Millbrook.

They’ve been at it for ten years now, which means these high school students own a business that has survived longer than 2/3 of other small businesses.  Cody and Kelsie are now both in high school and for the last decade they have grown a variety of vegetables on their family farm on County Rd. 21 just west of Millbrook.  This year they grew four acres of sweet corn, five acres of pumpkins and another acre of assorted vegetables including squash, cucumbers and gourds.  They also raise chickens.   So they know a bit about production.

As for marketing, their distribution channels are diversified.  They continue to sell at the family farm from a creative farm stall Cody built with his father and at the Millbrook Farmers’ market.  Their corn and pumpkins also stock shelves at Sobey’s, where Cody has a part time job in the produce department.

While the sibling’s partnership has stood the test of time so far, it faces some changes in the future.  Next fall Cody moves to Guelph University where he will study mechanical engineering and minoring in the business of agricultural.  No doubt he will have plenty to contribute to those class discussions.  These two have prepared for the transition, as Kelsie has bought out her brother’s share of the livestock part of the business which requires year-round availability, but they will remain partners for the seasonal market garden side of the business which is labour-intensive and needs all hands on deck.

Their youth may have attracted customers in the early years of their operation, but their attitude towards has earned them customer loyalty and is anything but immature.  Dressed and ready to leave for a family wedding last weekend, they received an urgent call from Sobey’s asking for 50 pumpkins.  Without hesitation, the produce was harvested, washed and delivered within the hour.  That’s customer service.

Join Cody and Kelsie on Sunday, October 21st from 10 am to 3 pm on their farm at 337 County Rd. 21 as they welcome their friends, neighbours and customers to see their operation and pat some furry farm animals. KG

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