Will there be a 2021 Millbrook Fair?

Photo Karen Graham. Millbrook Agricultural Fair Competitors

Agricultural Societies across the province act as resources for its members by providing leadership and education and promoting the rural way of life.  One of their main events each year is hosting an agricultural fair.  The Millbrook Agricultural Society has been hosting their fair for 170 years, having only missed 3 years, one of which was last summer.

With no events last year, Ag Society finances are stretched.  Last week the province provided $5 Million through the Agricultural and Horticultural Support and Recovery Funding imitative to help offset revenue losses experienced due to COVID-19.

Eligible Agricultural Societies each receive $7,000 in base funding, with an additional hardship fund based on their reported revenue from 2019 to help off-set operating losses, liabilities and overheads.

Millbrook’s Fair is one of the first of the season, taking place on the second weekend in June.  According to Treasurer, Norm Lamothe, the society’s board of directors meet virtually each month and have begun discussions regarding their 2021 fair.  Given the current lockdown measures in place, no decision has been made.  Once a final decision has been made, it will be announced on their Social Media platforms.  The board recognizes that the Millbrook Fair is an annual tradition many look forward to each year and the Agricultural Society looks forward to being able to present a fair once it is safe to do so.  KG

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