Where Does Your Trout Come From?


Melodie Seto

Linwood Acres Trout Farm was first established in Campbellcroft about 45 years ago and is open to the public all year round. Located on approximately 15 acres with 3 sets of springs running through the land, it is the ideal place to raise trout. With 15 ponds and 1 “fishout” pond, Linwood Acres uses a gravity-fed water system that supplies their fish with 1.4 million gallons of pure spring water every day.

The farm raised trout are sold for food or for stocking ponds.  The fish are sold in a variety of sizes for fresh fillet, which makes Linwood Acres a popular supply source for local restaurants, caterers, resorts, and community members who are looking for high quality fish.

The farm also offers year- round fishing in their “fishout” pond, with the fall, winter, and spring being the most recommended seasons. When the pond is completely frozen over, the ice fishing is particularlygood for those who have never had the experience of fishing during the winter. Fishing at the farm does not require a license and includesdewworms sold by the dozen with a fee levied for any fish caught.Cleaning is a service that is included in the cost of the catch.

Bus tourssometimes make a stop at the farm where they receive a45 minute guided tourthat includes discussion on the life cycle of the trout in the hatchery, the characteristics of both rainbow trout and speckled trout, and an overview of the farm’s operations.

Linwood Acres is open to the public 7 days a week all year-round from 9am to 5pm.

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