What does God look like?

We believe that we are asked to be like Jesus, but how do we do that?  Jesus lived two thousand years ago. We have no pictures. Long ago, I read a story about a little girl of five who was busily drawing a picture. “What are you drawing?” the teacher asked.

The child answered, “A picture of God.”

“We can’t see God,” the teacher said. “We don’t know what God looks like.”

“You will when I’m finished,” the little girl replied confidently and picked up an orange marker.

We have the work of artists, who, like the little girl, drew pictures of God. The Bible tells us humanity was created in God’s image, “male and female God created them.” Experience tells us that each human being is unique and different. The variety of humans is infinite – brown, black, white, reddish and many shades between. Some are tall, short, stocky, slight, lots of hair, very little hair, with different languages, culture. The variety is endless. How then can we all be made in the image of God?

I believe God’s image lies within us, like our DNA. And that image is unique to each of us. God’s image  appears in our goodness, our compassion, our gifts. God’s image within us is a seed sown during our creation. Our job is to encourage that seed to grow. We water, cultivate, fertilize that image through our thoughts and actions, what we read and watch. Others experience God in us through what we say and do. All thoughts we take into our hearts can nurture God’s image within us.

Being made in God’s image means that no one is just a number…, just the enemy, just gay or brown or black, just anything.  Everyone contains a seed of God. Everyone is to be loved, even our enemies and those we consider different.

God’s Image

With each birth God’s love is born.

Each human has potential,

 for compassion, caring, loving.

Each child born has freewill.

Each can choose to nourish God’s seed

within themselves and others,

with respect, support and love,

We meet God every day,

In our homes, at work, at play.

When we open our hearts.

God’s image lives in every heart.

Seek and you will find God.

Open your mind and you will see.

Today’s Faith by Rev. Janet Stobie

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