Waste Management Contract Renewal Proposals More Than Double Current Rates

The current curbside waste collection contract with Withers Waste Management expires this week.

A tender for a three-year contract for services was posted in late June to seek service providers, with a closing date in July.  When the tenders were opened on July 19th, only two bids were received, and one from our current provider which was disqualified, leaving a single bid.

Both bid amounts were more than double the current rate of expenditure for waste collection. The township proposal includes a clause allowing the Municipality to accept or reject any proposal.  After further review, township staff discussed the option of moving to shorter term contact options with current our suppliers in light of the current global issues surrounding high cost for fuel, and goods and services in the hopes that these cost increases were temporary. A short-term contract, such as a monthly contract with a 90-day termination clause, would buy time to allow re-tendering at a later  date when global costs have stabilized, while ensuring services continued during this transition period.

The balance in the 2022 Budget for Waste Management remaining for the next five months is $136,273.  The current tender for that period is $243,024, or 78% higher than the budgeted amount.  The Withers bid incorporated an increase of 97% over the 2022 budget, while Emterra’s proposal was 106% over the 2022 budget.

Council agreed with staff, and will terminate the tender procurement process, with staff charged with negotiating a short term extension contract with Withers until market conditions provide more reasonable cost alternatives.


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