War Memorabilia Display at Millbrook South Cavan Public School


Here at Millbrook South Cavan Public School, on Friday the 4th, we had a special guest visit us by the name of Jimmy Chapman. Over the past few years, Mr. Chapman has been collecting items that have belonged to war veterans that have fought in World War l, and in World War ll. His passion for war antiques started when his grandfather came back from the war.

Mr. Chapman thought it was very strange that his grandfather never spoke of the war. He wanted to know more about his grandfather, so he asked his grandmother about it. She told him she knew nothing, mostly because he never told her anything either. He later discovered that his grandfather was ashamed that he took lives. Since his grandfather passed down his medals, Mr. Chapmen has been collecting ever since. Mr. Chapman has been sharing his story with many schools, including ours! He had many displays of the different countries, such as Britain/Canada, America, Germany, Russia, Italy, Korea and Japan. The presentation was a new and exciting adventure. We are extremely grateful that he came to our school, and hope we see him again!

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