Univox Choir Event

Photo Karen Graham.

St. Thomas Anglican Church in Millbrook was one of the first stops in the Toronto-based Univox Choir tour this June.  On June 14th, the group performed a benefit concert where all proceeds from tickets sales will be directed to supporting local groups who help the homeless and advocate for structural change to prevent homelessness.

The program content was chronological, beginning with early music where each choir section had equal exposure, taking the melodic lead in turn.  The songs progressed through the development of choral musical through the ages ending with a few modern pieces featuring performers who wrote and performed personal stories of triumph in song.

This was a remarkable evening of music featuring voices both trained and raw, as all voices are welcome in this group.  The consistent thread was a principle of respect for music, for society, for their audience and for their fellow choir members.  It was a terrific event.  KG

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