Trout Unlimited Millbrook

The start of a new year always brings a collection of new hope, new ideas and a new outlook on life.

With the recent creation of Trout Unlimited Canada Millbrook Chapter this couldn’t be more true. I have had the pleasure to work closely with like-minded residents of Millbrook who love the outdoors, fishing, helping others, to create a local chapter of Trout Unlimited. Our not for-profit organization relies on volunteers at the chapter level to identify and work collectively to solve issues at the local watershed level. It is the goal of our chapter to educate the community and work toward the common goal of improving our ecosystem for the benefit of fish, wildlife, flora and fauna and ultimately ourselves! If it sounds like a massive undertaking, it definitely is. However, as a true testament to our wonderful community the support of many like-minded people has been amazing.

The main focus of the Trout Unlimited Millbrook chapter is Baxter Creek and its tributaries, which zig zag across Cavan Monaghan Township.  Our goal is to work as a community to identify areas that need help (e.g., stream restoration) and do our best to chip away at small projects along Baxter Creek. These projects will not be possible without the participation of local land owners. Our hope is that Trout Unlimited Millbrook can be a resource for landowners that might need some advice or help in making their section of the creek healthier.

Trout Unlimited Millbrook volunteers are working diligently to compile data shared from different organizations about the water temperatures throughout the watershed and the status of the trout population that live here. It is our goal to share this with the community so that we can collectively better understand challenges present in our watershed along with helpful solutions.

To kick off the New Year, Trout Unlimited Millbrook has joined forces with the extraordinary Lions Club to help with the upcoming children’s trout fishing derby on April 25th at the Millbrook Pond. We are excited to be a part of this event and look forward to meeting new people and drawing attention to what a fabulous watershed our community is built around.

It is so important to take care of this resource and do our best to give something back! As a landowner, you can plant a tree, pick up garbage, show it to your children and let them experience its beauty. Be aware of what you are putting down the drain. Even the run off that comes off your driveway or lawn into the sewer could carry remnants of oil or fertilizer. Ultimately everything here in Millbrook flows downhill, and at the bottom of that hill is a creek!

It’s easy to sit back and just complain about things, the real payoff is getting out there and doing something about it. We invite anyone to join our organization or to volunteer with us to help protect the future of this magnificent ecosystem. Surprisingly, the idea of having a purpose can bring a person much joy.

Thank you to The Millbrook Times who see value in us sharing stories and information about our watershed in future publications.

By Scott Calder


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