Trout Fishing Begins Season in Southern Ontario

Photo Karen Graham.

Last Saturday was the official start of the Trout fishing season in southern Ontario.  Normally that would mean the Millbrook pond would be inundated with hordes of young anglers, seeking the perfect perch from which to snag the elusive Millie and her friends which are installed by members of the Millbrook Lions’ Club in the days before to ensure lots of action and plenty of opportunities for prizes.  Instead there were a few solitary souls trying their luck at the bottom of the dam. This is the second year the event has been cancelled due to COVID, after waiting for the completion of the dam reconstruction project which closed the area for another two years.

With the stay at home order of April 17th, all recreational boating activity was shut down.  Marinas can repair or service boats but they remain closed to the public.  For the moment, recreational fishing will be limited to activities from the shore where physical distancing requirements can be maintained.

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