Trail Floating Bridge Replacement Approved

Photo supplied.
This dilapidated structure will be replaced with an aluminum-based bridge next spring.

Since 2020, the 128-foot long floating bridge on the Baxter Creek Trail connecting Medd’s Mountain to the Fairgrounds trail has been closed due to safety concerns.

Walkway supports had rotted below the water, boards were missing and hand railings were unsecure. Despite obvious risks and posted signage, some continued to use the bridge, exposing the township to liability.

A regional tourism grant which had to be used this year sparked staff to investigate the possibility of using a portion of it to replace the bridge.  The Millbrook Valley Trails committee also kicked in $19,000 towards the expense.  Of the two bids received for the project, staff recommended the quote from R & J Machine which consists of an aluminum framing system.   The $45,644.89 quote was roughly 10% higher than the quote for a wooden system, but this premium was deemed to be justified by the significantly longer life expectancy of the aluminum product.

This work is expected to begin immediately allowing this section of the trail to reopen sometime next spring.  KG

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