The Township of Cavan Monaghan is Developing a Community Improvement Plan


The Township of Cavan Monaghan in partnership with the Millbrook Business Improvement Area and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) is moving forward with a plan to stimulate economic growth and aid in the physical environment in Downtown Millbrook with the launch of a Community Improvement Plan (CIP) project. The Plan will be used as an economic development tool to support existing businesses in Downtown Millbrook and help attract new business development.

A CIP is a land use planning and financial tool that establishes a framework for future capital improvement and other municipal government projects and encourages private sector investment within key areas. Once implemented, a CIP will allow the Township (budget permitting) to provide grants and loans to eligible landowners and tenants to help with physical improvements to private property.

Council, Staff, and members of the community have articulated their vision for future growth in Downtown Millbrook through the development and implementation of the Downtown Millbrook Revitalization Plan and the recently released Detailed Streetscape and Design Guidelines. The CIP serves as a strategic tool to help implement this Vision, and assist with significant local improvements. Specifically, the CIP will focus on:

  • Stimulating local economic development;
  • Encouraging new and existing business opportunities;
  • Assisting with downtown revitalization and beautification efforts; and
  • Ensuring Downtown Millbrook is seen as a business friendly community and a desirable place to live and spend time.

Over the next few months, Township Staff will be assisted by a project team from Stantec Consulting Ltd. to prepare the CIP. Currently, Phase One of the project has been initiated and there are a number of opportunities for members of the public to get involved and provide input. A public survey has been prepared to aid the project team in determining the types of programs that could create positive change in Downtown Millbrook. The survey is available on-line at www.cavanmonaghan.netasp , or at the Township Office.

A public consultation event is being held on March 8th, from 6 pm to 8 pm with the presentation at 6:30 to share information and discuss local needs and priorities.

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