Toronto Organization Launches New Minor Ball Hockey League

A new organization is soliciting minor ball hockey players through flyers distributed through schools and social media activities using the name “Peterborough Minor Ball Hockey League”.  This is NOT the local league founded and operated by volunteer extraordinaire Guye Vondette that has played in Millbrook for many years.  This is a large organization out of Toronto that has decided to enter the Peterborough market and compete with our local league using the local league’s name.  The way to distinguish the two leagues is the newcomer’s website and contact information ends in “GTA”.  According to their website, the GTA league games will take place in the Kinsmen and the Evinrude facilities, while the original league will hold games in the Cavan Monaghan Community Centre in Millbrook.

The confusion is fueled by the fact that both leagues are sanctioned, but close inspection indicates they are members of different organizations.  The original league is a member of the Ontario Ball Hockey Association, while the new league is a member of the Ontario Ball Hockey Federation.  It seems that cooperation is elusive at the provincial level as well.

Before you register, read the fine print and understand which league you are joining.  KG

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