Today’s Faith – Traveler’s Prayer

Traveler’s Prayer


During the month of August, Tom and I are enjoying a totally different kind of vacation. We are travelling from the city of Amsterdam in Holland to the city of Budapest in Hungary on a Scenic River Cruise ship. For 15 days we are feasting on gourmet meals, soaking in the sights of this part of Europe, making some new friends and dancing nearly every night. River cruising reminds me of canoeing without a paddle. We slip quietly down the Rhine, Mine and Danube Rivers soaking in the spectacular beauty of symmetrical vineyards marching across the hills, ancient castles, and towering churches. For us it feels like fifteen days in Paradise.


One afternoon I left the sunny deck for some quiet time with God on my cabin balcony. During that time I felt inspired to write two travelers prayers. When I read them I realized that these would be a good way to begin and end every day, not just when we are travelling but every day. Begin the day with:


Good morning God, thank you for the gift of this new day filled with moments of joy. Enable

me now to let go of all stress, fear and worry. Cleanse my mind to prepare it to receive your



Creator God, as I travel (live) today, open my eyes and heart to the exquisite beauty of all of your

creation – your earth, animals, people. Each one is your gift for me and for the world. Push

me to accept and unwrap those gifts with my soul overflowing with gratitude.


As I enjoy the wondrous life you have provided, use me to be your gift of blessing for all

whom I meet. May my footprint be one of joy in your world. Amen


Finish the day with:


Thank you God for these past twenty-four hours. You have touched my heart with moments

of Joy. I list them now:


Thank you loving God. You have blessed my life. I trust that you have used me this day to

bring a special blessing to someone even though I may not be aware of it.


Now as I lay my head down, I ask for rest – renewing, healing rest. Amen


Travelling, working, playing, living – begin and end each day with prayer.

By Rev. Janet Stobie

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