Today’s Faith – Celebrating Joy

When I arrived shortly after two, the line-up stretched down the church aisle, out the door and down the steps. All of us had come to offer our love and support to the Wilson family. Their Joy, a lively and loving Mom and Nana had died quite suddenly. Joy was a blessing, not just for her family but for her community. In my short conversation with her husband Ric, he let go of his cares for a moment and spoke to me of reading my “Today’s Faith” column every week and the value it has for him. Like Joy, Ric knows the value of affirming others even in the midst of his own pain. What a blessing Ric was for Joy.

As I left the church, I was very aware of the preciousness of life. I felt called to remind you, my readers, regardless of your responsibilities, or the state of your health, to practice the following routine:

  1. Every evening, take a few moments to think about your day. What goodness have you received from others – young or old? What was the best part of your day? Give God thanks.
  2. Have you brought joy to at least one person?
  3. At the beginning of each day, identify one way in which you can “pay forward” your blessings. That could be as simple as a smile for a grocery store cashier or as difficult as forgiving a friend who has caused you pain even before they’ve said they’re sorry. Ask for God’s help. Give God thanks for the privilege of spreading joy.

It’s important to be intentional about our living. God has given you these twenty-four hours. Live them wisely. Leave a trail of joy behind you.

“This commandment I give to you, that you love one another as I have loved you.” (John 14: 12)

By Rev. Janet Stobie

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