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It’s been a hot and dry summer without any indication of it letting up. Ditches are bone dry and water levels are very low in the swamp. ORCA has placed a 20% Water Conservation low-water warning to the public. Thanks to our deputy-mayor, John Fallis, for encouraging council to investigate a watershed plan. Hydrologist Bob Betcher recommended monitoring ground water further away from Millbrook’s wells so that a record of water levels can be established for the long-term. For the 40 years Millbrook has monitored its wells, there has never been a permanent decrease in the ground-water recharge. In the face of climate change and new users who will be coming onto the system, council can see the need to make sure our water supply is protected and that any changes can be observed. Thank you Mr. Betcher for reviewing past hydrogeological studies.

While talking of water protection there is another threat on the horizon. Apparently there have been industrial wind turbine companies canvassing individuals within Cavan Monaghan. The majority of our township is on the Oak Ridges Moraine – a system of aquifers that feed our drinking supply. The massive concrete bases that support these turbines would interfere with these aquifers and potentially, our water supply.

Soon farmers will be extra busy harvesting their crops (and this year massive irrigating as well). The Ontario Agri-Food Venture Centre located in Colborne is available to the public to prep their products for the marketplace. Washing produce, processing, packaging, labelling, and storing are services that are offered, including consultation to help with your success. You can visit their website for more information at

Other Items:

August: Roadside mowing and weed control

Aug 2: Ribbon Cutting for King Street’s Completion (9:30am in the Legion Parking Lot)

Council Meeting

County Road 21 closure from Union St. to Cavan St. to finish replacing water main, water services, sewer, and sidewalk, and road reconstruction from (Aug.2 – Oct. 15)

Aug 4: Ladies’ Night (4-9pm in Downtown Millbrook)

Aug 20: Kawartha Downs blanket presentation by Council for Race 2

Please watch the Township website for burn bans.

By Jordan Landry

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