Thanks, Melodie


For the past fifteen weeks, Melodie Seto has been an invaluable resource here at the Millbrook Times.  Cheerful, unflappable and always eager to help, Melodie has done a little bit of everything here, which in a small shop is critical.  She returns next week to her studies in the International Trade department in the School of Business at Fleming College where she is also studying Spanish and Japanese.  Melodie has brought her broad perspective to our sometimes narrowly-focused community newspaper, offering her wit, wisdom and diplomacy on a daily basis.  Luck is not required for this young lady’s success.  Thank you for a great summer!

Melodie Office picture

Melodie Seto smiles from our office in Millbrook. She says she’s really enjoyed working in the community and hopes to stick around to help out when she’s not buckling down for school.

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