Thanking Moyra Seabright for Shaping the Lives of Our Youngest Residents

Photo ©Marjorie McDonald

For the past fifteen years, Moyra Seabright has been front and centre at the Old Millbrook School Family Centre (OMSFC) where her contribution to the organization and to the lives of local families cannot be overstated. She has helped shaped the early lives of countless numbers of our youngest community members and been a source of support to those who brought their young charges to her programs seeking ways to stimulate them and encourage their social and intellectual development.

At her retirement party last month, parents joined to celebrate and thank her for her support and inspiration.  Sleep deprived young parents, grandparents and caregivers have brought their young children OMSFC programs where Moyra entertained, educated and stimulated them in a caring and thoughtful atmosphere.  Whether she was reading a story or getting down on the rug to play with her charges eye to eye, she quietly led by example, engaging even the most boisterous participant.

Parents expressed appreciation for her guidance and friendship, saying that the programs she led inspired them and their children, profoundly touching them all.

OMSFC Board member Kate DeKlerk also expressed the board’s gratitude for Moyra’s years of dedication to the organization, saying “Moyra has been a valued and cherished member of the community for local families for as long as most people can remember. The relationships she has established with parents and children have been crucial to helping our youngest citizens to learn about the world around them. Her dedication to the OMSFC has been so greatly appreciated and so important. As the centre grows and the positions change, we cannot ever forget the role she has played. We wish her nothing but the absolute best as she moves on to new adventures. Thank you Moyra, from all of us on the Board of Directors.”

While new program funding is welcome news for the community, its requirements prohibited Moyra from retaining her position in the expanded programing.  She continues to support and inspire young students in her position with Compass Early Learning in their before and after school programs.  KG

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