Thank you to all the Volunteers in Millbrook



Photo Karen Morton. Pictured are volunteers Sharon McLean, Jill Stocker and Wendy Love with Baxter Creek’s Ralph Larmer.

Friday April 20, 2018 was National Volunteer Appreciation Day. Community Care Millbrook celebrated the event in style at Baxter Creek Golf Club. In recognition of the Millbrook volunteers and also in support of our local community a beautiful dinner was provided by the Larmer family.  Community Care certainly appreciates their generosity as well as that of Fallis & Shields Funeral Home which provided the corsages/boutonnieres for award recipients.

Awards were given to the following:

2 year service: Claire Van Loon, Pat Ward, Kathy Lunn, Erin Stewart, Kathy Grose, Steven Paul & Joan Johnson

5 year service: Sharon McLean, Jill Stocker, Ralph Larmer, Brion Aubrey & Jackie Brown

10 year service: Jane Allison & Ken Fines


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