Talented Physiotherapists Set up Shop in Millbrook

Photo Karen Graham. Gary Trail and Laine Corp

Gary Trail and his life and work partner Laine Corp may not be from here, but they are embracing the village with enthusiasm.

Laine had a sense of what lay ahead when the couple moved here two years ago, having been raised on a Hereford farm in Omemee and shown cattle at the Millbrook Fair. Originally from Ireland and later Belgium and England, Gary knew less what to expect from small town Ontario.

Gary is a man of the world.  Originally from Dublin, he grew up in both Ireland and Belgium, studied in England and Scotland, and is fluent in four languages.

The couple met in Aberdeen, Scotland where they were both pursuing post-graduate degrees in Physiotherapy.  Laine was determined to come home and Gary was determined to follow her.

They returned to the area in 2013 and began to practise in Peterborough.  They recently opened up their own clinic in their home in town.

The arrival of two small children has disrupted the young couple’s team sports activities but they both remain very active.  A member of the local bike club, Gary is a runner and cyclist while Laine, a trained Pilates instructor, keeps fit with yoga and pilates practise and hiking the local trails with her family.

His volunteer experience with the Peterborough Petes and Lakers Lacrosse teams has given Gary extensive orthopaedic experience, while a personal cycling injury inspired him to develop expertise in concussion injuries and chronic pain management.

A passion for sports led Laine to focus on orthopaedic and neurological challenges and she is certified in techniques for stroke, brain and spinal cord injuries.  A more unusual specialty is Pelvic Floor health.  This therapy focuses on the deep core and pelvic floor muscles that support internal organs, support babies during pregnancy, stabilize the pelvis, hips and lower back and impact digestive functions.

Both therapists take a whole body approach with their clients, drawing on their therapy expertise and empowering their clients through education and exercise to allow them to continue to enjoy active lives.  Sounds like a prescription for a happy, healthy life.  Welcome to the community!  KG





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