Buckle your seat belt – I’m Putting the Pedal to the Metal

Everything in space is moving. The planets, their moons, the stars and galaxies are constantly on the move. So how fast are they zooming along? Let’s start right here at home – on Earth. If you are at the equator reading this article, you are zipping around at 1,670 kph… Continue reading

The habitable zone was redefined and zip we lost an exoplanet

A few years ago Pluto got its pink slip and dropped from a planet to dwarf planet. That may change shortly. So hang in there you Pluto buffs. Meanwhile Alex Glocer and Vladimir Airapetian, the gentlemen who discovered Proxima b have redefined what they call the habitable zone. That’s where… Continue reading

NASA may build a magnetic shield for colonizing Mars

Mars lies at an average distance from Earth of 225 million kilometers. But the latest idea for making the Red Planet habitable for humankind seems even further out. The problems that must be surmounted are that Mars has no rotating molten iron core to produce an electromagnetic shield and it… Continue reading

The weaponization of outer space – it’s happening now

Space exploration has come to mean habitats on Mars, discovering five thousand distant suns with exoplanets whirling about them and all kinds of cool experiments taking place on the International Space Station. But there is a dark side lurking behind the headlines. Many companies are now involved in designing space… Continue reading

Canada – who and what took its place in space

Canada’s first astronomers weren’t called Canadians. They were the native peoples. For centuries they had been reading the northern skies to learn when to plant and when to harvest their crops. Like the Greeks and Romans their legends and history were written in the constellations they perceived in the star… Continue reading

Facts about Earth so weird they’re, well…unearthly

I spend a lot of time blathering about the planets, galaxies and all sorts of weird stuff. Today’s article remains focused on the bazaar, only this time it’s closer to home – like planet Earth. What astounding tidbits and treasures have I uncovered? Here’s what’s up down here. Let’s start… Continue reading