Council Considers Temporary Pedestrian Only Route for King Street

At the May 19th Council meeting, Mayor McFadden directed staff to investigate the possibility of closing King St in Millbrook from Tupper St. (County Rd. 10) to Allan Lane to traffic during an undetermined period of time this summer.  Think of it as an extended edition of “Ladies’ Night”, with… Continue reading

Local Group Spreading Some Virtual Dust and Authentic Good Cheer

Less than two weeks ago, Julie Brotherstone Hartwick was inspired to start a group to make surreptitious deliveries to local women in the community to brighten their days and embrace the joy of giving. She and her Facebook friends are sprinkling their neighbours with kindness they liken to fairy dust,… Continue reading

Louise Bedford at The Valley Shoppe

With young children at home and no daycare available, Louise Bedford has developed an online presence that has allowed her to come to her shop on Saturdays only, when eager customers pick up their orders, hoping some fresh plants will brighten their homes. She hopes to open physically on Sundays… Continue reading

How are Downtown Merchants Faring during the Lockdown?

It took a few weeks for most businesses to absorb the impact of the province-wide shut down when it took hold mid-March.  Not surprisingly, some businesses have been able to adapt and find ways to keep some revenue flowing in even as the doors were closed. Restaurants were able to… Continue reading

Making Time to Spend Outside Means Making Lifelong Memories

When I think about most of my vivid childhood memories, they have one thing in common: those memories took place outside.  I remember running through the sprinkler in our backyard, going to pick strawberries with my sister and my Mom and then sitting on the porch hulling them so she… Continue reading

4th Line Theatre Hosts Live Stream Reading of The Cure for Everything

Backed by funding from longtime supporter Nexicom, the 4th Line Theatre continues to offer online programming this June. Like everyone else in these unprecedented times, 4th Line is responding to the need to encourage people to stay home by creating online programming. The company is excited to bring the world… Continue reading

The Role of Baxter Creek in the Development of Millbrook

It is widely known that without Baxter Creek, Millbrook would not exist.  In the early 1820’s when this area was settled, a man named John Deyell chose to build his grist and sawmill on “E ½ 12th in 4th Concession”. Originally called Deyell’s Mill, this is what we now know… Continue reading

Managing Local COVID-19 Cases

After learning of several positive tests amongst residents in Cavan Monaghan, Council members passed a motion at the April 6th Council meeting seeking reassurance from Peterborough Public Health that effective steps were being implemented to ensure local residents with positive COVID-19 test results adhere to the mandatory self-isolation period. Medical… Continue reading