What’s on the Horizon for 2019?

With the dawn of 2019 upon us, I pulled out four healthcare themes from the past year that I think will have a significant impact moving forward. These four themes were partially chosen because they relate to an important Canadian policy change that could be on the near horizon. Combination… Continue reading

Terry Fox Pushed It to the Limit for Cancer Research

Terry Fox was 18 years old when he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. His right leg was amputated 15 cm above the knee four days after the diagnosis. He passed away four years later – one month shy of his 23rd birthday. The impact Terry Fox continues to have on not… Continue reading

Healthy Living – The Hunger Winter

Scientific experiments typically start with a question.  Perhaps something like, “I wonder if intervention A will lead to effect B?” This initial conversation leads to brainstorming sessions on how to implement the intervention, and which methods to employ to capture the effect. However, there are many questions about human physiology… Continue reading

The Promises and Dilemmas of Gene Therapy

2017 was a big year for the future of gene therapy. Building on over 50 years of research the clinical application of the discovery of DNA is being realized. Between October 6th and December 9th alone, five gene therapy clinical trials were published. As of December 31st 2017, there are… Continue reading

Exercise, Cancer, and Psychological Well-Being

Last year, the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) Internal Medicine published a study investigating the relationship between leisure-time physical activity and the incidence of 26 different types of common cancers. This study included 1.44 million people and observed that high leisure-time physical activity was associated with a reduced risk… Continue reading

A Peek Inside Mother Nature’s Medicine Cabinet

Fall is, traditionally, the best season for hiking (although this year has been stifling!). Nonetheless, getting out to enjoy the fall colours will no doubt be a focus for many in the coming months. While out enjoying the vibrant flora and diversity of nature, consider that approximately 80% of medications… Continue reading

Healthy Living – Bad News for Two Fad Diets

The past two months saw an evidence-based takedown of two popular fad diets. The first was intermittent fasting, or IF. IF has been proclaimed to be an easy way to cut calories and train your body to burn more fat and reduce weight. The basic premise of this diet is… Continue reading