Pedal for Hope Brings Record Donations

The Cops for Cancer events arrived at the local schools on May 13th, bringing their usual combination of entertainment laced with education to North Cavan and Millbrook South Cavan public schools. With a movie theme, bright lights, costumes and skits, students participated in the event with enthusiasm. At the main… Continue reading

The City of Kawartha Lakes Family Health Team Celebrates 5th Anniversary

The City of Kawartha Lakes Family Health Team celebrated its fifth year during which they have brought new health care professionals and health programs for patients in our area including nurse practitioners, family health nurses, medical receptionists, clinical social workers, a psychologist, pharmacist, registered dietitian, occupational therapist, respiratory therapist and… Continue reading

Wish Health And Happiness to Others, And Have it Yourself This Holiday Season

Sarah Sobanski With seasons greetings come seasonal waistlines, and while Christmas calorie counting isn’t something we want to think about until resolution-time, nutrition shouldn’t go out the window for that second helping of Grandma’s famous triple-chocolate cake. Whether you’re skipping meals to fit into your holiday dress wear, or poking… Continue reading