Sunday Night League Begins With New Format

Sunday evenings are not the same without League organizer Marion Olan keeping tabs on the boys.

Marion has been involved in the league since its first game in 1971, when she operated the time clock.  Over the past 48 years she has prepared schedules, managed league finances, and kept the player statistics on which teams are set each year in the “draft”.

This year there are fewer things to track for several reasons.  First, there are only four teams instead of six, and registration is almost half of previous years.  There are no referees on the ice and no one keeps score, at least not officially.  Players are allowed only ten minutes in the dressing room, with a maximum of ten players in each room.   This makes it safer, but there’s a lot less opportunity for good-natured kibitzing.  Standing outside might be alright in October, but in February players will careful to arrive within the ten minute slot when the doors to the facility are open.  At least the sidewalk outside the main doors are heated….

Players are happy to be on the ice but few are pretending to they prefer this format.  With few players and no stats, how will they ever draft teams next year?  KG

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