St Thomas’ Anglican Church sponsors event on Climate Change

Journeys, the outreach and social justice working group of St Thomas’ Anglican Church, Millbrook, is sponsoring a day-long seminar dealing with the reality of rapid climate change.   Entitled “Climate Change:  What Can I Do?”  the event will take place on Saturday, November 5th, at the Anglican Parish Hall, 16 Centre Street, Millbrook, from 9.30 am to 3 pm.    Presenters will include Beth & Scott McKinlay of ‘For Our Grandchildren’ Peterborough; Brigid Ayotte from the Township of Cavan Monaghan; Catriona Sinclair of GreenUp Peterborough; Gillian DiPetta from the Alderville First Nation Black Oak Savanna; and Mark Peacock, Chief Administrative Officer of the Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority.

The day is structured to provide short presentations as well as times for questions and group discussion.    Why would a church group sponsor an event on climate change?   Rev. Robert Ross, Priest-in-Charge of St Thomas’, offers some background: “This event, which is open to anyone in the community, arose from our own feeling of impotence in the face of rapid climate change.  At our Easter service, we reaffirm our baptismal promise to ‘strive to safeguard the integrity of God’s creation, and respect, sustain and renew the life of the earth.’   Global warming is, quite frankly, destroying God’s creation before our very eyes.  So the big question really is: What can I do?  We hope this event will help all of us think about how to answer this question.”    There is no charge (participants may choose to make a free-will offering).   Lunch is included.  Pre-registration is required.  To pre-register, please email or call 705-932-1231.

By Glen Spurrell

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