St. Paul’s Anglican Cemetery Celebrates Decoration Day

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Pictured is Dr. Amy Barron, left, with students from Fleming College Cultural Heritage Conservation Management Program who helped with this year’s restoration projects at St. Paul’s Cemetery.

St. Paul’s Anglican Cemetery, Zion Line, Cavan Monaghan Township held its Decoration Day Service Sunday June 16th. Decoration Day is an annual event in which family members of those buried in St Paul’s cemetery are invited to come together to honour, pay respects, and tend to or decorate the graves of their loved ones.

A short service was conducted by Rev. Robert Ross pastor at St. Thomas Anglican Church, Millbrook with musical accompaniment provided by Ruth Roberts. The service was attended by 22 family members, who availed themselves of the opportunity to visit their families’ graves and view the restorations that have been made to the Cemetery’s Chapel and grounds.

Following the service trustees for 2024-25 Sherry-Lynne McMahon, Sandra Hall, Ruth Roberts and Phil Unger were introduced.

Sandra Hall outlined projects completed in the past year; installation and connection of the chapel bell, repair of the frame and replacement of the broken window on the north side and most recently the removal of all the old plaster from the interior of the chapel. The later was accomplished with the assistance of Dr. Amy Barron Instructor and 9 students from the Cultural Heritage Conservation Management Program at Sir Sandford Fleming College. The students worked in teams that alternated between removing the plaster and working outside on monument maintenance. In the future, when funds and enough volunteers are available, we hope to install moisture resistant dry wall. The ultimate objective is to make the chapel useable for services.

Donations received at the Service and throughout the year help to fund the restoration necessary to bring the chapel up to its’ former condition and maintain the cemetery grounds. Financial support from families and the Township of Cavan Monaghan is very much appreciated by the Cemetery’s Board of Trustees. KG

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