Spring is here!

Spring Break is just around the corner and the weather is perfect for outdoor activities.

Join us at the Millbrook Branch for scavenger hunts on Medd’s Mountain and the field at the Bruce Johnston Branch, Learning Trails around the Community Garden, and an outdoor Literacy Station for Pre-K and Primary grades. These programs require participants to be pre-registered and to adhere by Covid-19 safety protocols. You can find more information, as well as dates, times, and locations in our monthly newsletter. Please note that these activities will be weather dependent, and the trails must be dry enough to safely navigate.

Not sure what to read or watch next? Connect with your local branch to request a book or movie bundle (eforms are also available on our website). Also, our Facebook page is updated daily with new digital resource recommendations. We post links to help narrow down the options, so you only need to login and enjoy.

Decodable books are here and available! These books are a brand new resource to the library. Decodable books allow children to learn the basics of reading by having direct letter-sound connections. Parents will pre teach the letters found in each book, and model how they can be blended together. /c/ /a/ /t/ can be blended together to say cat. Each book has a specific selection of letters to be taught in a controlled manner. Struggling readers will also benefit from these books. We have bundled them into small groups of books so families can focus on about one book per week before moving on.

Looking for an Earth Day activity? On April 22nd the library will offer a directed drawing tutorial through our YouTube page. Learn how to draw a contemporary landscape and also set a goal for taking action for a better and brighter tomorrow.

Our Kindergarten Readiness program will be rolling out through our Facebook “Raising Readers” group. This month learn about why you might want to reconsider packing a bento box for your future Kindergartener, what is hot chocolate breathing and how it can help my child, learn to implement dialogic reading, and making a bug box to give your child a way to handle negative interactions.

As always there are more details and activities available in our monthly newsletter, available in print format at your local branch or on our website. For more information follow our Facebook page (cmlibraries.ca) or call your local branch (Bruce Johnston Branch: 705 741 1253, Millbrook Branch 705 932 2919).

By Melanie Crouch, Coordinator of Programming, Partnerships, and Outreach

Cavan Monaghan Libraries


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