Show Me Your Glory!



I was studying this scripture passage. A worried, unhappy Moses demanded of God, “You’ve given me this job of leading this crowd out here in the wilderness. You’ve agreed not to abandon us. I need some proof, proof that you’re with us on this journey. Show me your glory, Lord.” (paraphrase of Exodus 33: 18)

Creation often gives us glimpses of God’s glory. Spectacular vistas of autumn trees aflame with scarlets, yellows, oranges, sing out to us. Even amid our rush and hurry, or our loneliness, it’s hard to close our eyes to the magnificence of this world.

Three weeks ago, Tom and I were in Vancouver soaking in our grandson’s total delight with the fireman Halloween costume we had brought for him. We knew he’d like it, probably play with it for at least a few minutes. We hadn’t expected the hours of fun we would enjoy, when three-year-old fireman Alex greeted us each morning of our visit, dressed and ready to rescue people in trouble. Alex gave us a glimpse of the pleasure God must feel when we delight in the gifts God has given us.

It’s harder to see God’s glory when I am feeling frightened, alone, disappointed. In life’s tough times, like Moses, I have demanded of God, “Give me some proof. I need to feel, to touch your presence. Show me your glory now, God.” And God does.

When I was sure no one could ever love me again, my friend of forty years wrapped her arms around me and said, “I will never abandon you, no matter what.” At that moment, I felt God’s touch, knew God’s glory. When my birth mom died in Tucson, Arizona, there was no funeral here. I didn’t expect others to understand the depth of my grief for this mom who hadn’t raised me. I’ll never forget being surrounded by God’s love when my daughter took a day off work just to be with me. Members of my church family took time from their busy lives to come and offer hugs and prayers. I have personally experienced God’s glory through family, friends and church.

Over the next weeks, I recommend you open your hearts and minds to receive the glimpses of God’s glory given to you. Whether it’s through a child ringing your doorbell this Halloween, the visit of a friend, an experience at a hockey game, or an interaction at work or school, soak in the glory of the God who reveals it, especially for you.

By Rev. Janet Stobie

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